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Air-supported structures / Air domes

Air dome consist of architectural fabric, which inflates by a slight overpressure inside the building. Air supported building have no hard construction structure so it is inexpensive and relatively simple.

We produce air domes of any complexity and offer our customer optimal ratio of design, practicality and cost.

Our air domes have low cost compared with standard structures and have mobility, fast construction time, low operating costs. Inflatable structure can be huge and covered stadiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, construction sites, warehouses, production facilities, etc. Inflatable buildings – ideal when required large-volume building at a low price.

We use PVC-coated fabrics manufactured in EU.

Standart kit of air supported building includes:

  • double or one layer skin;
  • doors/gates;
  • lighting;
  • inflation system;
  • anchorage system.

We provide installation supervision, field technical support.

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